Based in West Bromwich in the West Midlands, we offer inclusive and safe training for all ages and abilities. We meet on Monday and Wednesday evenings at Gayton Road Community centre and have dedicated children's and adult's karate classes. For class times and prices see our classes page

We teach Wado-Ryu, which is a blend of traditional Japanese karate and ju-jitsu martial art based on relaxation, speed and technique, making it ideal for anybody to practice irrespective of age or gender. See our class schedule for times.

Families training discounts are avalable and 50% discount for the unemployed. Contact us for details or more information.

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This club is open to all ages from 5 years and upward.

Just come along with your willingness to learn and we will do the rest. It would be helpful if children knows their left from their right.

You only pay for your lessons, gradings and your annual insurance renewal.

You train when you want to train, not when it's demanded like some other clubs.

Please contact our secretary Alison Parry on 07842635295 who will give you all the information you need.

Our Aim - is to adopt the highest standards and to use these to develop Wado Ryu Karate along the traditional lines as laid down by Meijin Hironori Ohtsuka, preserving the traditional ways, but also including practical self defence and personal development including practical street protection.

Meet the Instructors

Sensei Dave Parry 5th Dan

I started training in 1971 at the age of 13, I wasn't much interested in the more traditional sports like football, cricket, but I did enjoy athletics, running the mile, throwing the javelin and eventually I was good enough to represent the Borough of Sandwell.

I like sports that are personally going to challenge me, then along came the martial arts.

With the advent of the Kung-fu series with David Carridine, the Green Hornet and, of course, Bruce Lee, my imagination was fired up like nothing else before....

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Mike Fellows

Mike Fellows as predicted did a blistering Grading for black belt in front of myself, Dave Jillings 6th Dan and Phil Hale 4th Dan...

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Terry Lunn

Terry has been involved in the Martial Arts world now for some years...

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Grace Brindley

Grace has been with us for a while now...

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Carole Winsper

Carole Winsper is our Karate Sports Coach and Fully Qualified in teaching children...

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Our Philosophy


The mountain symbolises the climb in order to reach our goals, not just in the Martial Arts, but in life.

The green signifies peace and harmony on our journey. We should strive for peace within ourselves, with our fellow human beings and live in peace and harmony with our surroundings.

The Brown land signifies “The Way” is not always straightforward and sometimes you will need to “fight” or “strive” to get where you need to be in life!

We all take the long winding path up the mountain of life, wide at the bottom which signifies our absorption of the physical, mental and spiritual knowledge on a large scale. Then it narrows, which signifies a refining and better understanding of all we have absorbed on our journey.

The snow capped peak of the mountain shows purity of heart, mind and spirit that we strive so hard to attain and that which we can, if we are prepared to persevere.

The rising sun coming up behind the mountain symbolises the final enlightenment which we seek along with everlasting peace and serenity.

The Japanese writing on the left of our badge says; “SHUHARI” these are the 3 stages of our enlightenment.

The writing on the right hand side of our badge says “Wado-ryu Karate”. We have used the Japanese Kanji writing in our badge / Logo to show our links and respect for the Karate Masters both past and present.

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